Fabulous workout apparel at fantastic prices from Fabletics

Back in 2013, the creators of Fablectics saw that there was something lacking in the fitness apparel industry. Affordable, yet trendy clothing that people love to live in. There were many expensive, premium brands available, but nothing people on any budget could afford. With this idea in mind, Fabletics was launched, along with the support of actress, Kate Hudson. The goal at Fabletics is to offer trendy, comfortable, and quality clothing at an affordable price. Their brand seems to be hitting a niche that wasn’t available before because Fablectics has quickly found success and become a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years.


Fabletics runs on a subscription based membership model. You pay a low price each month and will receive a two to three piece outfit delivered to your door. To start, you will receive a deeply discounted first outfit. All the outfits and clothing are approved by Kate Hudson, who wants you to feel your best and encourage an active lifestyle. You will take a short lifestyle quiz, to help tailor the outfit choices available to ones that you will enjoy and love. This makes shopping on their site even easier. Each month, new outfits will be recommended to you, based on your style and workout preferences. It makes shopping for an outfit much easier, by helping to narrow down your choices. At the beginning of the month, you’ll receive your handpicked outfit choices and have to log in to make your monthly outfit selection. If you do not want an outfit that month, you can simply decide to skip a month. All outfits are priced at an affordable price, which also includes free shipping. As a member, you also receive a discount on a la carte clothing items that you want. If you receive the outfit and just don’t love it, returns for store refunds or exchange are free.


The style of the outfits available from Fabletics rival that of the more expensive brands. However, the best part is that they offer their clothing at prices you would find at discount retailers. The clothing is high quality. The clothes keep their shape, compression, and don’t fade after many washes. Their pants and capris are simply fantastic quality, have lots of stretch, great material, and strong enough to smooth you out. The shirts aren’t too clingy and fall just right on your body, helping your shape look awesome. Fantastic clothing at outstanding prices.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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MB2 Dental Solutions: Solutions For Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that serves as a partner to dental practice owners and affiliated dentists. The company provides a plethora of services to these affiliated practices that help them run their practices efficiently without needing to give up their control of patient care and their own personal office standards.

MB2 Dental is like a community where dentists comes together to get services that allow them to do what is most important- providing top-notch care to their patients. It is the company’s goal to give their affiliated owners the services and experts they need to give them the best guidance, knowledge, and personalized systems in the business.

Through teamwork, excellence, innovation, and integrity, MB2  takes all the guess work out of all of a dental office’s non-clinical tasks. There are more than 70 affiliated offices in 6 different states, which are located in Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

The company offers a multitude of services to their affiliated dentists and offices. MB2 Dental offers services like credentialing, accounting and finance, human resources, IT, compliance, marketing, billing and collections, recruiting, and procurement. They handle employee benefits, employee relations, and other staff management services.

They also take care of all bookkeeping and tax issues, allowing offices to make sound financial decisions with recommendations and reporting. MB2 Dental even takes care of an office’s credentialing needs, making sure patients know how they’re in the right hands.

They’ll ensure each office meets each and every compliance and regulation need as well. The company installs, maintains, and fixes any and all IT services, making sure their offices are updated with the latest and best office technology. MB2 Dental can even help offices recruit the best, highly-trained individuals to work in their practices. Learn more about more MB2 Dental: http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Mb2-Dental-Solutions/reviews

According to Vitals, MB2 Dental would be nothing without its tremendous leadership team. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder and CEO of the company. He has experience in almost every aspect of the dental industry, being a dentist himself. He created the company after finding frustration in the way many practices are forced to work and believed dentists needed help in order to get back to helping patients.

President of the company Justin Puckett has worked in many different capacities within the industry, with experience in corporate law, public accounting, and corporate finance. Justin Carroll is MB2 Dental’s Chief Operating Officer and has vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry through private equity investing and operations improvement consulting.

How White Shark Media Handles Customer Complaints

White Shark Media is a well-known digital marketing agency that is based in the United States. The institution was established several years ago, and it has changed the lives of many people. White Shark Media serves the small and medium-sized business in the country.


Although the institution has done well in the competitive industry over the years, it has had its fair share of complaints from the clients. White Shark Media has a platform for addressing the complaints that have been raised by the customers. Thanks to the special platform, the organization has been able to change its weaknesses into strengths.


In the recent past, many clients were complaining about losing touch with their AdWords Campaign. The institution has to address this issue fast before they could start losing customers. White Shark Media realized that the problem was being caused by their reporting procedures that were inadequate. The small businesses were not able to review their reports too. To make sure that this issue was solved completely, White Shark Media started giving comprehensive explanations to their clients about the AdWords and how they worked.


The clients were also having trouble getting in touch with the customer care persons in White Shark Media. To address this issue, the management in the company introduced a new phone system that has a direct extension. The company also hired experienced individuals to work in the customer care desk. This means that the clients can now talk to the company representatives twenty-four hours a day. The introduction of this services has improved the sales and profits of the enterprise.


White Shark Media was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the United States. The management of the company credits the recognition to the quality of services provided. The customer care service is also believed to have played a crucial role in the recognition.

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Todd Lubar’s Successful Business Ventures

Mr. Todd Lubar has had a successful entrepreneurship journey and his is far from over. He started off as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Company in 1995. This was right after he graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. He then went on to work with Legacy Financial Group for 6 years and later Charter Funding. He started his own real estate development company, Legendary Properties, LLC, in 2002.

Mr. Lubar knew too well not to put all his eggs in one basket and therefore tried his hand at night club management and recycling scrap metal. His diverse portfolio served as a buffer for him during the 2008 real estate industry recession. He gained invaluable experience in running businesses in various industries over his many years in the field. Mr. Lubar also founded TDL Global Ventures, LLC and is currently the president at the company. TDL is performing exceptionally well, thanks to Mr. Lubar’s customer-focused strategies and his commitment to excellence which he embeds in the company.

He learnt how to deal with people in his various business dealings and formed strategic relationships that helped him a great deal in getting clients and obtaining funding for his business undertakings. Mr. Lubar identified a gap in the lending market and realized how difficult it was for individuals and companies to obtain funding from banks and other conventional lending sources. Thanks to his networks, he was able to form Legendary Financial, LLC, a lending company that serves both individuals and companies. He had learn the intricacies of the banking industry over the years he worked as a mortgage banker and took advantage of this opportunity.


Todd Lubar’s foresight and determination to succeed and provide excellent services have seen him rise through the ranks to where he is today. He is a family man and loves to spend his free time with his two children, as seen from his Facebook page where he has posted many photos of them. He also enjoys travelling during his free time. Todd Lubar always strives to add value to anything he takes part in and does not settle for anything less than what he set out to achieve.

For more info, visit his personal website at toddlubar.com and Tumblr page.

Source: http://citrite.org/appreciating-the-illustrative-career-of-todd-lubar/

Doe Deere The Lipstick Genius Talks To IdeaMensch about Her Company Lime Crime

Doe Deere, famously known as the queen of unicorns, is one of the most prominent women in the beauty industry. She is known to have revolutionalized lipsticks so that unicorns like herself could have bright lipstick colors to match their similarly bright clothes. With an idea that was inspired by her sewing days, she began a product line on EBay and called it Lime Crime. Lime Crime was inspired by her friend Shrinkle who had given her Kryolan makeup, a product she sold on EBay to try. It was then that Deere thought of starting a product line that could match literally any clothes. So, in the year 2004, she began to sell her lipsticks on EBay. Four years later she launched Lime Crime Company.


When the company first started, she was selling glitters, eyeshadows, primers and brushes. A year later, she introduced the unicorns, lipsticks that would come in all range of colors. The unicorns struck the market creating a controversy that would work in favor of the company. Three years down the line, the idea to produce liquid lipstick struck Deere, that year saw the birth of Lime Crime velvetines.


July 2015, Doe Deere sat down to have an interview with Ideamensch and was to elaborate more on her business and her ideals. Asked what inspired her to found Lime Crime, Deere said that it was partly a passion and partly inspiration from the days when she could hardly get a makeup that was bright enough to match her overly bright cloths. You will find her rocking really bright hair, makeup and clothes. And thus, there was need to have a lipstick that would match the same.


Deere commented that in order for her ideas to be the success that they are, she often has to wait for inspiration for a really long time. But when inspiration strikes, she doesn’t waste time before acting on it. She also attributes her success to her ability to first learn her customers before she can go ahead and make a product for them. And, when she does go to the lab and make a new product, she is always the first to try it. For example, Scandal, the newest velvetine. She had to try this scandalous lipstick before introducing it into the market. This way she is sure that her lipsticks will really look good on her customers. Also, she knows what matching advice to give to her clients.

Norman Pattiz’s Beyond the Darkness announcement


Podcast One has had Mr. Norman Pattiz as its Executive Chairman since June 2016. Norman has been the Chief Executive Officer until then. He has also worked at Westwood One Inc as a consultant since August 2010. In 1994, Norman started Westwood One Inc. he has also held the position of the President of Broadcast Education Association. At Los Alamos National Security, Norman Pattiz holds the post of chairman and one of the members of the Board of Governors. He has also worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Since 1976, he has been at the Westwood One Inc as a Chairman and Board member. Here, he served as the Chairman Emeritus.


President Clinton appointed Mr. Pattiz from 2000 – 2006, as the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the US. He was reappointed by President Bush a while later. He worked in several other places at different positions hence increasing his experience and expertise. To date, Mr. Norman Pattiz has received a number of civic and professional awards such as the Freedom of Speech Award, Distinguished Education Service Award and has received the Broadcaster of the Year Award several times. This happened in 2009 when he was also received in the National Radio Hall of Fame. The Library of American Broadcasting also showered him with awards for a job well done.


He is the Executive Chair and founder of Podcast One. It is one of the number one advertiser-supported networks. He publicized the launch of ‘Beyond the Darkness.’ It is the latest show to be aired on the WWE Chris Jericho’s podcast. It will still air under the umbrella of the Podcast One. It features amusing and informative discussions with global researcher and other experienced persons. It will challenge viewers’ knowledge about angels, demons, ghosts, miracles, and mysteries among others.


Norman Pattiz comments about the remarkable work done by Chris. He added that he was certain that The Jericho Network Collection would go beyond just wrestling. Having delivered comedians, Norman, added, Chris is taking viewers to a whole new experience with ‘beyond the darkness.’ This will be a whole new and amazing experience in the podcast network.


Chris Jericho said that he was utterly excited to announce this new addition to the Jericho Podcast Network. Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader will bring a large fan base. Chris also commented that he expects this new podcast to increase their audience on their Jericho Network. Chris concluded that beyond the darkness is one of the shows that you simply cannot afford to miss.

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The Services Cotemar Provides To Offshore Oil Operations

A Brief Introduction To Cotemar


Cotemar is a Mexican offshore oil services company that is based in the city of Ciudad del Carmen on the Gulf of Mexico. The company has both its headquarters and operations center situated strategically near the center of offshore drilling operations on the Gulf Coast. The main customer of Cotemar is the Mexican state owned and operated oil company Pemex.


Services Provided By Cotemar To The Mexican Offshore Oil Industry


One of Cotemar’s key services is providing transportation of supplies, equipment and personnel to offshore oil platforms on the Gulf Coast. Cotemar transports food to workers as well as other necessities. For actual oil drilling operations Cotemar can transport bulk sand to help blast deep into oil reserves. Once oil is extracted Cotemar has a fleet of ships to transport the oil back to land for further refining.


The transportation of equipment is another crucial task of Cotemar. The firm transports heavy equipment to platforms and also helps align it in place. Cotemar uses advanced technology and remote control to accurately and safely position key infrastructure and equipment necessary to offshore oil drilling. Emergency services on the ocean is also provided by Cotemar. This includes emergency oil spill cleanup services to minimize environmental damage to wildlife and beaches. Firefighting is offered by Cotemar by specialized vessels that can help put out oil rig fires.


Cotemar also provides housing on the seas to employees working on offshore oil operations. Cotemar has housing ships that are divided into cabins with living quarters for two to four people in each cabin. The housing fleet of Cotemar can house thousands of people at a time. Recreational amenities are offered at these floating houses which includes gymnasiums to stay fit in, movie theaters and TVs. Freshly prepared meals by cooks are also served as part of the housing offered by Cotemar. The company takes great care to ensure that the people that it houses have access to fresh food and comfortable amenities.


Cotemar is dedicated to serving its customers as well as making sure its employees are safe. The company strives to make its client more productive with its transportation, housing, building and exploration services. Cotemar is also committed to transparency and has lots of mechanisms in place to fight corruption and address employee complaints.

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Bruce Levenson New Plans


Bruce Levenson is a great example of the impact that one person can make on a company. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, Bruce Levenson is a great person to emulate. He has done a great job with the Atlanta Hawks, and he is ready to take things to the next level in other areas of his life. Although he is no longer the owner of the Hawks, he still cares a lot about the city of Atlanta. He wants to invest as much time and money as possible in order to help people in this area. With all of the ways that Bruce Levenson has helped others, many people in the community look up to his influence on others.

Bruce Levenson

After he left the Hawks, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson decided to start spending more time and money in others areas of his life. He is ready to start investing in the right places in order to do the most good for people. He wants to help people who are willing to work to get to the next level. Over the next couple of years, he has plans to give more people the ability to get to the next economic level. There are many poor people in Atlanta who do not have access to the proper education to get them to the next level.

Future Plans

If you want to help others in life, Bruce Levenson is a great person to learn from. He has done a lot of good in the world, especially as it relates to helping other people with their journey in education. If you are wanting to help others, you need to figure out a way to solve problems for others. Bruce Levenson has done that many times over the years.

Reference: http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx

Brian Bonar’s Business Leadership Background

Brian is an investor and a financial expert from San Diego. He is also a family man who loves hanging out with his family and has interest for golfing and boating. During his school years, he studied Mechanical Engineering, graduated from Stafford University with a master’s degree and later a doctorate.

Before joining Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar for certain companies such as IBM where he was the Procurement Manager before heading to QMS for the position of the Director of Engineering. He did not stay for long and joined Adaptec as a Sales Manager, where he felt he had gained more experience to start his company. Other companies include The Amanda Company, and Allegiant Professional Business Services, Warning Management Services.

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer and of Dalrada Financial in San Diego that deals with clients’ business outsourcing, insurance and financial services and products. It also supplies a variety of programs that increases the market efficiency, making it a marketing tool. Some of the skills that Bonar possess are leadership, design development, aviation, contract administration, procurement, marketing, and building design.

Brian is clearly an established leader given that he was awarded Executive of The Year in Finance Award by the Cambridge Who’s Who, that recognizes people’s achievements in leadership skills and academic accomplishments. This was such an honor because only one male and one female are graced each year from different fields.

He is an accomplished leader with decades of experience in professional management in Finance and an ever-willing attitude to assist his team members, partners, and clients whenever he can. He heads the employer and employee benefits and programs that boost the business efficiency in Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Company. Some of these programs include risk management insurance, business management services and employee benefits. According to the marketing and large volume of sales, the company is set to achieve its goals, with Brian as the leader who has more experience in the business.

Bonar was the Chief Executive Officer of several companies including, Imaging Technologies Corporation that develops color management software and digital hardware. The company targeted small and medium-sized businesses.

Trucept is another company that Brian Bonar has been working from 2011 which is in California. Being its CEO and Chairman, he oversees its operations like the payroll, Risk Management, Human resource administration and the employee benefits of small and medium businesses.

It was formerly known as Smart-Tec Solutions Inc. It also provides long-term and short-term solutions on stuff and helps their clients plan and air their opinions according to the nature of the business.

Many organizations have called Mr. Bonar to be the guest speaker at their functions because of his educational background and experience and also his accomplishments.


Christmas Video Visit using Securus Technologies

My daughter was sentenced to do time in a penal institution for some bad choices she made. She has been completely respectful from the day she entered. My child has disciplined herself to reading at least two books a week. She is determined to continue her education as much as possible while there. At first, I was visiting almost every weekend when I would get off of work. My heart was heavy for my daughter and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Then my car started acting funny. I didn’t want to disappoint my daughter as I knew she looked forward to the visits also. But honestly, my body was acting funny too. I was simply worn out. I told her I had important errands to do on the weekend to find time to rest my car as well as my aching body. I felt incredibly guilty as a mom. I think I was trying to do her time with her. I felt I was lightening her load. But I was only hurting myself. Then I was made aware by some of the kind officers in the prison about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. I think they even saw that I was being worn out.


I was directed to the right people and made arrangements for a Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit. I made sure I was on time, in front of my computer, just as like I was on time for her visitations. Then we went live. I could actually see my daughter. I could see the background of the area she was in. It was a different place than our personal visits. We had a most wonderful Christmas Video Visit thanks to Securus Technologies. She was happy and more relaxed than when I was there in person. Come to find out, me being there was bittersweet to her. She was glad I came. She could feel my love and support during the visits. But she also was reminded of the pain she was causing me. She told me she could see and feel that too. She was glad I was able to stay at home and get the rest I so desperately needed.


I can’t thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to participate in Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit. I don’t take it lightly. And my daughter is grateful on her end also. You gave us wonderful holiday memories.