Roberto Santiago on What It Takes To Succeed

Roberto Santiago is mainly known for his successful mall business in Brazil. No Brazilian does not know the Manaira Shopping mall since it is rated as the most modern and prestigious mall in the country. Consequently, they associate the mall with its owned Roberto, who has also engaged in many writing ventures such as blogs, children books, and movie scripts.

In a recent interview, Roberto was questioned on the winning principles or core values that he has used to remain successful to date. Roberto mentioned several things among them, discipline, determination, and honesty. These are explained in the sector that follows

  1. Hard work and Determination

Roberto states that without hard work there is no success. It has taken him many years of labor to be where he is today. He says that he started as a kids’ literature writer in Brazil. National reports also show that schools and parents were very eager to buy Roberto’s books. He conducted extensive research and discovered what could entertain and inform kids. Roberto gave the best in writing, and that explains the success. Afterwards, he ventured into scriptwriting and play directing, an area in which he won many awards. In the same writing venture, Roberto ran a blog in which he inspired people not to give up despite the challenges that they faced. The blog gained popularity and the success made him desire to invest. However, he did not have sufficient knowledge, a factor that forced him to enroll in the Pio Marxist College and the Joao Pessoa University. Roberto pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration and graduated with honors. However, while he was still in college, he began the Santa Rosa Restaurant before starting a cartonnage company and later the Manaira and the Madeira shopping malls. Roberto says that to be progressive, one needs to be very determined; waking up early and sleeping late.


At the same time, Roberto says that hard work is not enough if one is not disciplined. He says that discipline helped him to wake up daily at the same time and pursue the same vision until it was fulfilled. Similarly, he says that it was through discipline that he saved for his businesses and built them to where they are. Cases in point, the savings from Café Santa Rosa were used to build the cartonnage company. In the same way, the savings from the latter were used to build Manaira Shopping Mall and the savings from the venture later helped in building Madeira shopping Mall, which is a state of the art venture. Roberto asks entrepreneurs not to rush into building their personal lives with the money drawn from businesses. Instead, he asks them to save and expand business first.


Desiree Perez and the Contracts She Negotiates

A lot of people are taking a look at what Desiree Perez has done for Roc Nation, and they are excited about all the other things that she has gotten her hands into. Desiree Perez has become someone that is quite well known in the entertainment industry, and much of her fame has come from the time that she has been helping out Roc Nation. This is a very interesting aspect of her life, and it deals with a lot of big-time contract negotiations.What Desiree Perez has been able to do is create a way for athletes to make as much as they possibly can on their deals when they are signing contracts.

This is what Jay-Z wanted to do for the athletes that were part of the roster for Roc Nation Sports. He wanted to make certain that they were satisfied with the deals that they received, and he came in with a hard-nosed contract negotiator that was going to work out the best deals.Jay-Z knew about the life that does repress had, and one thing that he knew for sure was that she could work out a good deal. She has a street savvy personality that makes her a lot more dependable than most other women that were involved in contract negotation.

If someone that has been able to create quite a reputation for herself when it comes to building deals in entertainment. That is why Jay-Z put his faith in her. That is why he wanted to bring her into the Roc Nation camp. Desiree Perez would do this well, and she would even go on to help other artists like Rihanna when it came to negotiating contracts. This is what she does, and she appears to do this quite well with Roc Nation Sports.

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Tony Petrello, The President of Nabors Industries

In life, there are so many people who dream of great things. We have always dreamt of things we have got no hopes to achieve. Tony Petrello is one of those guys who see them practically. His dreams have been realized. He is a very successful CEO, Lawyer, Philanthropist and also a great Mathematician. His skills of solving simple mathematics issues were discovered while he was studying in a public school in New Jersey. He was known in their whole town because of the expertise he had in solving certain mathematical concepts. He was also a great humorous guy since his days at school. He had the ability to make people laugh using his original jokes. Tony in future became the CEO of the biggest oil drilling company by name Nabor Industries. He happens to be one of the most paid ceos in the US. He has a lot of benefits because of his excellent management skills.

Tony Petrello is a very humble beginning. His parents couldn’t even afford to take him to private schools. He went to public schools but he believed in himself. His passion for success was not interrupted by unequipped schools. He did not think of a school without a big library or a computer laboratory. He just was interested in tools to make him jump to the next level. After high school, Yale University noted started looking for him. They offered him a scholarship to advance his dream of becoming a mathematician. He met a very famous mentor who was a professor, author and a great mathematician. He started mentoring him from day one until he did his master’s degree. After leaving Yale, he did the unthinkable and joined the Havard School of Law. He studied bachelors of law from that University. It was a big shock for the managers and University of Yale Professors. That was the least they expected from Tony. They just saw a great Mathematician in him.

Tony Petrello was employed by Baker & McKenzie in the year 1979 after graduating from Havard. His main field was business law and to be specific, arbitration and taxation. While working at Baker & McKenzie, he had a client by name Nabors Industry which is the largest oil and gas driller in the World. They tried to hire him because of his skills they noted. He became now a famous corporate attorney. He relocated to Texas and luckily in the year 1991, he became the company’s Chief Operating Officer. He advanced and started seating at the board of directors meetings. In 1992, he became the company’s president.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny endeavors

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a Scientist and a former professor at Roswell Park Institute studying and teaching Oncology in New York. He is currently one of the most experienced experts in cancer and the science behind aging. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Cardiology and Experimental Medicine. Having gained experience and interests in science learned from the different places he has worked and researched including Valhalla Ney York made him a very experienced professor in the Biogerontology, cancer therapy which is concerned with guarding cells against getting old or damaged and drugs to help prevent aging.Mikhail Blagosklonny is currently an editor of Cell Death and Differentiation journal dealing with therapy and cancer Biology. He is also an editor of cell cycle journal and also the founder. His roles that made him well known were in Target of Rapamycin (TOR) Signaling.

Having done a lot of research on cancer and possible cancer therapy for each, Mikhail Blagosklonny has published many papers with at least twenty-five thousand citations which gained him a Hirsch index of eighty-three and made him a recognized scientist and physician of Oncology and Medicine. The use of Rapamycin, a cancer drug that is said to have a probability of increasing lifespan also made him renowned.Blagosklonny is also the author of the aging hyper function theory. He has also taken part in the writing of cyclotherapy cell and chemotherapeutic engineering. Mikhail has a great endeavor in controlling cancer and aging which has made many people follow his writing and research closely. His suggestion for the use of Rapamycin was in his pursuit for a cure for cancer. He believes that cancer is curable and with time research will get a perfect cure for it.

He is currently among the biggest world researchers in Oncology based on his vision of seeing humanity living a disease-free life, and this has led him to many research fields, institutions and Journals including The International Journal of Cancer and The American Pathology journal just to mention a few.Mikhail Blagosklonny in his endeavors for a disease free living community has researched on cellular and Molecular Biology among other clinical research where he advocates for Rapamycin as the current best drug for use in the treatment of cancer. His research has also spanned across developing an individual organism or behavioral, anatomical feature from the earliest stage to maturity, a field called ontogenesis. He has also researched on the transmission of physical or chemical signals through some molecular events, e.g., phosphorylation of protein resulting in cellular responses which called signal transduction and genes protecting cells from one step on the path to cancer called tumor suppressors. He has also researched on the selective protection of normal cells, anticancer therapeutics, and the cell cycle.

The Admirable Servant Leadership Skills of Rick Smith the CEO of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has over the years held a great reputation as a leading technology company, whose core aspiration is to ensure high quality services that satisfy all their clients needs. These technological advances are for a common good, whereby the motive of Securus Technologies is to ensure that prisons are run much more efficiently. Their communications technology allows prisoners who are incarcerated to be able to communicate better with their loved ones, without the possibility any party being harmed. It also saved a lot of money for the prisons as they can now employ fewer guards to man the prisoner’s interactions with third parties. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has managed to service over 3,000 law enforcement, prisons and public safety agencies across North America. They have also been able to service many prisoners and made their life much more dignified.

Securus Technologies has its price set higher and in those regards, has sought to acquire JPay Inc. who has a lot of value to add to the company. JPay is known and acknowledged for their innovative technology that allowed correction facilities to access electronic payments applications, email applications and other entertainment applications. All these technologies offer a great solution to correction facilities, while seeking to reduce costs and at the same time improving their efficiency. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies acknowledges that this acquisition would definitely place this company as among the fastest growing in this market niche of correction facilities.Rick Smith has portrayed great leadership skills in the running of the affairs of Securus Technologies, especially his visionary growth strategies that has seen this company soar higher.

He has had a rich educational background that guarantees his ability to offer great leadership to this company. He has also been entrusted with other huge leadership roles prior to joining Securus Technologies, where he was able to gunner the experience that he has now. His ability to cohesively and seamlessly enshrine a teamwork attitude in all his employees sees to it that high quality services are delivered to all their clients. It is these innovative ideas that make an impact in our society, changes the lives of our prisoners and saves a lot of taxpayers money as prisons are able to operate on a leaner budget.Rick Smith is a proud graduate of the prestigious State University of New York at Buffalo where he studied hard to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. He has also in his resume earned an Associate’s Degree, which was from the Rochester institute of Technology. In addition to these qualifications, Rick Smith has had two masters in Mathematics and Engineering which he received from the State University of New York.


Racial segregation and discrimination have been a major challenge in America. For many years black people were perceived inferior and invaluable. They worked as slaves until it was abolished. Transitioning from one lifestyle to another was not easy. Black people needed to conform to different ways of life.

This problem made African Americans unsettled and unfulfilled in their lives. After National Urban League was introduced, this situation changed. African Americans began participating in normal life activities and their quality of lifestyle advanced. Towards the late twentieth century, over one hundred and ten affiliated groups had formed.

When the organization began, its main role was to assist people from the rural relocating to the urban areas. People moving from the countryside to New York needed to get jobs and decent housing. Although the organization aimed at helping black people, it is interracial. In fact, one of the founders, Ruth Baldwin is a white philanthropist.

As the years progressed, the goals of this organization evolved. It emphasized employment for black people. There was not supposed to be any barriers, especially in the defense industry. These jobs were not just meant for white people. Between 1961 and 1971, this organization became very influential in fighting for civil rights. The leadership had a big role in making the organization vocal in the nation. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Larcey | Facebook

The 21st century has inspired National Urban League to embrace new causes. It has included energy conservation, environmental protection, and other lifestyle problems. This organization hopes to accomplish education, globalization, economic effects and achieving racial identity. National Urban League seems like a liberal organization. The firm is ready to address emerging issues affecting people.

National Urban League has a lot to do presently and in the future. Racism is still a big problem in America. People discriminate each other while the forces are known for racial profiling. While the fight for equality and impartiality continues, the organization is addressing other social issues. Expanding the goals of the organization is wise. The leaders have identified that there are other problems affecting people.

Organizations such as National Urban League have inspired new movements. Advocating for citizens’ rights has been embraced by numerous other people. Various individuals and firms may take different approaches, but the objective is similar. A good instance is a story behind Lakin and Lacey’s organization.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey jointly established The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. This organization’s idea was inspired by an incident the founders experienced. Larkin and Lacey were working as journalists when they became the victim of police brutality. Police from Arizona arrested them unlawfully at the Mexican border. This arrest captured their attention to police abuse of power. They also witnessed police officers abusing many immigrants.

This organization facilitates funds for other organizations advocating for human rights. The funded organizations can campaign for civil rights. Additionally, Larkin and Lacey always invest in creating awareness to immigrants. They need to know their rights and liberties. The firm’s website also has a blog that significantly contributes to civic education. Many people have been enlightened by the campaigns and civic education.


Rick Smith: The Efficient Leader At Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is one of the people who is majorly responsible for the growth and development that Securus Technologies has seen in the past few years. The current chief executive officer of the company, Rick Smith has been vital at leading the company on its path of growth, making it one of the leading companies in its sector. Smith has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge regarding the field of communications, which is why he has proven to be such a beneficial leader to the company. He believes in being a team player, and working with everyone’s strengths for the benefit of the company.Securus Technologies is a company that offers communication services to prisons across the United States, and to a few in Canada as well. Currently, the Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies of its kind and has thousands of inmates across the country using their services. The company also offers facilities for the purpose of inmate monitoring and assists judicial organizations with the information that they require. By offering these services, the company is also helping the society, by keeping a proper control system on the people in these incarceration facilities. But at the same time, the company offers these services so that inmates can stay in touch with their friends and families on the outside in a safe and secure way.

In 2008, the company underwent one of the biggest merges in prison communications, when it partnered with a company known as T-Netix. At the time, both the companies were competing for the top positions in the industry and decided to merge to take the number one spot in the industry. Rick Smith was the person who streamlined the entire process and the one who pushed the merger to be what it is today. This was also one of the reasons why the company appointed him as their CEO soon after. He has been one of the most beneficial leaders to the company since he knows exactly what the company needs to do to be a notable name in the sector.

Rick Smith has always been someone who pays extremely close attention to detail. This comes from his educational background since he attained a degree in engineering and a degree in Mathematics. He is extremely well versed in the two fields, which has also helped him get a firm grasp on the technical aspects of the company. However, after graduating, he tried his hand at various sectors, before settling on the field of communications. During this time, he worked in various positions, and in companies dealing with finance and business. All of this experience has contributed to him being the well-rounded CEO that he is today.

Why Futurist Jason Hope Believes That Smart Devices can Change the World

It should go without saying that technology is going to change the world. The evidence of the impact that it has had is all around us. For most people the impact of technology is most evident in the ways that it has transformed and accelerated human communication. Less than two decades ago many people who used telephones used devices that were connected to their walls. If they were lucky they had what was known as a car phone. Car phones were thought to be particularly convenient because they were installed in cars and could allow a driver to have telephone conversations even when they were not at home near a landline. Household phones that were particularly modern were cordless phones, landlines that could be charged and that allowed the user free range to walk around their home without having to worry about tangling up a curled phone cord.

Nowadays the car phone, cordless house phone and landline have either gone extinct or are in danger of disappearing because of the technology that has enabled mobile phones. No one knew that mobile phones would not only make communication more efficient but would serve as a tablet, a storefront and a notebook. Like mobile phone technology the Internet of Things is will likely change the world the only question is how. Entrepreneur Jason Hope is one of the few voices that might be able to answer this question.

Hope is technologist and a futurist who has written extensively about the Internet of Things. In an interview he noted his conviction that this advancement has the ability to “revolutionize” human life. In a piece for the website Digital Doughnut Hope noted that the Internet of Things would likely increase the notion of connectivity that many people associate largely with their laptops or mobile phones. Contrary to popular belief a computer is not the only device that is able to access the internet. Other devices, or “things” can do the same, such as a smart washing machine or a smart car, hence the term Internet of Things, as opposed to computers. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will impact the business world as smart devices will be equipped to collect data in ways that “dumb” devices can’t. To know more about him click here.

A Sling Against The Corporate Goliath: End Citizens United Fights Back Against Corporate Influence

Citizens United has been a grievous Goliath in the political funding game, and all the while uses bullying tactics along the way. Surviving a court decision that very much enabled companies as much influence as individual citizens do in elections has caused much dismay on more than one side of the political spectrum. But here is a David in this near biblical story between a giant and a small entity, and that would be the grass roots group known appropriately as End Citizens United.

You could call it the paradoxical antithesis of Citizens United. Meaning that it was made with the intention to raise large sums of money, like Citizens United, and donate it to candidates who will fight to amend or overturn the ruling for the Supreme Court decision made on the Citizens United case. Using corporation’s own seedy tactics against them, this is a big major step in the right direction to make the candidate battleground more level and fair to all who want to enter. The end goal of End Citizens United is to have a fair playing field for all politicians, not just those with the most gluttonous wallets or powerful friends. It is this kind of political initiative that gives me hope for the American system of politics, that people from humble beginnings see the mistakes made by those who hold the gavel and say “if not me, then who?”.

These people are the American spirit, the true strive for progression and burying archaic means of policing policy. And even more to the point of following the American way, End Citizens United still does not stump to its rival’s criminal level. I’m referring to their donation cap of just five thousand dollars per individual, compared to the unlimited donations and super PACs that Citizens United cling to. Despite this donation cap End Citizens United has accrued a little more than four million dollars within the first three months of 2017. To add to this wonderful accomplishment the number punchers at End Citizens have estimated that they will have raised thirty-five million by 2018. Just in time for the 2018 midterm elections. If nothing else, End Citizens United will have made a statement in stone for all corporate cronies now and forever that the actual citizens will stand united against big stick tactics and steak dinner votes; deep pockets will not outlast the stubborn American spirit.


Dr Clokie: Regenerating Bones In Canada

Within the various specializations in medicine, Dr. Cameron Clokie is an expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He was a Professor in the field at Toronto University and has been esteemed and utilized on the advisory boards there for years. Not only this, but he is a successful entrepreneur with business intellect to compliment his medical prowess.

Although he no longer teaches students officially, he is always open to provide his wisdom and insight in the field of surgery, as well as regenerative medicine. Regarding this topic, he is definitely the man to seek counsel with. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

He is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. which focuses on researching and perfecting the process of musculoskeletal reconstruction. He is very formidable in the field and has published many prestigious articles and papers to help provide a guide for those just entering the science.

The prospect of reconstructing bones may seem like a daunting task, but the medicine in Dr. Clokie’s field are paying the road towards a better understanding of degenerative illness and refinement of treatment and cures. His many achievements in the field have already signaled hope for those struggling with such ailments. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

The passion that he brings to the table ensures that he reaches depths of understanding far more efficiently than the average doctor. Not only this, but he has obtained a remarkable list of achievements regarding musculoskeletal structures and our overall understanding of them.

Dr. Clokie is a teacher and entrepreneur who gives his knowledge and counsel to further the advancement of the science and perfecting the art of bone regeneration. As a holder of 25 US and international existing and/or pending patents, Dr. Clokie is a nationally recognized source of reliable opinions to bone healing, reconstruction, and Oral surgery.

The advancements in his prestigious field; that he has worked so hard to achieve, will remarkably make it possible to move forward with efficient results.

Through this, we will further understand the implications of the regenerative sciences and musculoskeletal regeneration as a whole. Being a prominent leader in this emerging field, he is frequently sought out for his professional medical wisdom.