Thor Halvorssen Fights For Humanity

Fighting Against Oppression

The concept of human rights isn’t a new idea. For centuries political thought has directed itself towards the idea that there are basic rights all humans have. The fight to protect those rights is an incredibly difficult ordeal and far from finished. Fortunately there are people like Thor Halvorssen to lead the charge in protecting human rights. Through his work at the Human Rights Foundation Halvorssen stands up for those of us living under authoritarian regimes often putting his own life at risk in the process. Regardless of the danger this is a job someone must do

Sacrifice For The Greater Good

The Human Rights Foundation is involved in some of the most dangerous work in the world. Incarceration and violence are realities Halvorssen contends with everyday. In fact on multiple occasions he has faced arrest for his actions. Despite this Halvorssen never quits or gives up because resistance is in his blood. Through his mother Halvorssen is descended from the legendary revolutionary Simon Bolivar.

From Simon Bolivar down to Thor Halvorssen this family is known for its efforts to resist the authoritarianism of his birth country Venezuela. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, once investigated drug trafficking within the Venezuelan government and his mother was actually shot during a protest of the 2004 referendum.

According to Forbes, even more recently Thor Halvorssen witnessed the incarceration of a cousin who dared to stand up to the authoritarianism of the Venezuelan government. With this pain engrained in his thoughts Halvorssen uses the Human Rights Foundation to not only save the world but protect his own family.

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EOS : Best Lip Balm in the Market

For many years, buying lip balm meant going to the drugstore or the supermarket for the small, cylindrical tube containing Chapstick. The tube looked clinical, and it came with an active ingredient list that was attached to the packaging. Individuals who wanted to look wild had to skip the original tasteless pack for the flavor and spring for the mint or cherry.

However, consumers have something to smile about. Seven years ago, a new brand of lip balm that was pastel colored started popping up everywhere. The brand, known as EOS took over the shelf space at the Walgreens, Walmart, ULTA and later on in Target. Most of the beauty editors based at the Cosmo and Allure were not able to get enough of the lip balm, raving about the flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew. Several years later, some of the top celebrities in the world like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian were seen whipping the balls of the product from their bags.

EOS is an acronym of the institution’s full name, Evolution of Smooth. Products from EOS lip balm are now being splashed almost every fashion and beauty magazine in the world. However, founders of the successful institution have been quiet. They have not spoken about their business strategies till recently.

Just recently, Fast Company went to look for these successful founders. According to them, the institution was started with two hundred and fifty million, and it has worked hard to become the world’s second best- selling lip balm. The first lip balm product is known as Burt’s Bees. EOS has been very successful, outpacing some of the companies such as Blistex and Chapstick that have been in the market for a long time. Individuals who have used the product say that it is actually one of the best, and it has changed their lives for the better.

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The Helping Hands During Crisis

There Is No Room For Mistakes
The concept of logistics is a simple one for most people. Goods and services are distributed in a systematic manner in order to assure timely delivery and optimal conditions on The reality of logistics is far more complicated than that. Weather conditions, debris, and malfunctioning technology can easily ruin any logistics operation if thoughtful and dynamic planning isn’t factored in. This is where companies like IAP Worldwide play an important role. When the military needs an installation built or a natural disaster leaves thousands without food and water there is no room for error. IAP Worldwide takes on the task without making any errors.

The History Of IAP Worldwide
IAP began in the 60s as a researching firm experimenting with missile launches for the United States military. Throughout its history the company would maintain steady business with the American military but IAP would expand its services to serve private clientele in need of large scale distribution planning. Even today the company continues to expand its client base with the addition of engineering services and operations throughout the world.

Support When Disaster Strikes
IAP Worldwide offers so much more than its initial military oriented services. During natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, the logistics firm is often tasked with providing relief. One of the most recent examples of this disaster relief is the response to Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The states along the Atlantic Coast experienced one of the worst hurricanes since Hurricane Katrina with essential goods and services unavailable to its victims. IAP Worldwide distributed water bottles throughout the city as they were needed to victims. This challenges inherent to large scale disaster relief aren’t something most charities or nonprofit organizations could ever handle. They are tasks only logistics firms like IAP can handle.

Carrying The Weight Of The World On Its Shoulders
As the name IAP Worldwide implies this is a company with operations across the world. Disasters and conflicts on occur across the world and government services are not necessarily enough to provide when crises breakout. If a military needs a remote research laboratory IAP will find the perfect location and build the lab in its entirety. IAP Worldwide essentially carries the weight of the world on its shoulders, but manages to come through regardless. When supplies start to run low someone needs to do the job. Source:

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics and how they have changed the world of beauty

When makeup started being an integral part of the beauty regimes for the models, celebrities and everyone in the fashion world, the default setting was to keep it as natural as possible. Cool colors and tones were for many decades encouraged as opposed to screaming colors. This is the concept that irked the Russian born beauty queen to the point of wanting to make a revolution.

The moment you meet Doe Deere, you realize that there is nothing mundane or toned down about her looks and character. She has an air of flamboyance and a flare for color that only a few can keep up with. It is almost impossible to believe that when she left Russia at the age of 17 and came to the US, her dream was to be a successful musician. Well, the celebrity status has courted her, but not quite how she thought it would. Doe first settled in New York and started composing her guitar tunes. However, when she hit her 20’s, she became a little more daring and decided to try life in Los Angeles.

She does not feel like her experience as a musician was wasted. As a matter of fact, she states that it is what helped her learn how to market a brand and get the people that matter interested in buying the same. She states that she understood the concept of trendsetting back in Russia when she saw temporary tattoos and started wearing them. Everyone around her followed suit.

Brooklyn and Manhattan were her two new homes when she got to the country. She was lucky to meet her husband during the first year that she was marketing her music. He has stayed with her through the process and assisted her with the process of selling her ideas. He is also a music writer. Doe states that talented women should always follow their ambitions. She understands that her success came from understanding what her passion was and following it.

She expresses herself using the colorful cosmetics because it is part of her personality. For people like her who do not settle for the norm, sometimes the best way to make sure that they have expressed themselves is making use of the bold colors in their hair and makeup products. Her success in selling these colorful cosmetics is an indicator that she has quite a number of followers that like expressing themselves as flamboyantly as she does.

Securus Defends Its Name from GTL

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas, Texas. It is one of the world’s leading providers of corrections and law enforcement solutions. It serves more than 3000 agencies in those markets, and its technologies are used in the care of more than a million inmates. Securus is active all over North America. It feels a deep sense of commitment to serving the world. It handles incident management, inmate self-service, monitoring and other innovative technologies to help keep the world a safe place. Recently, Securus took it upon itself to issue a response to charges made against it by GTL. Securus rejects GTLs claims as being false and wants to clear the air by telling it side of the story.


GTL issued a press release which contained information that is inaccurate and portrays Securus in an unfair light. GTL has made several false claims about involving a patent dispute with Securus. Securus has always been a company that cares about having equitable dealings with its partners. Securus reached out to GTL about this dispute over patented technologies. It hoped to come to intelligent and mutually agreeable terms with them. GTL used the patents in question without having a proper license to do so. In most instances, Securus has successfully to provide licenses to its partners under reasonable terms and has had equitable relations with GTL in the past.


Securus maintains that GTL has adopted a roguish attitude. GTL is spending millions of dollars in company profits to fight Securus over patents when it should not be. The wise path for GTL is to enter into a proper licensing agreement. Securus is the industry leader when it comes to the patents in question. It was issued twice the number of patents as GTL. Securus has demonstrated this to GTL on many occasions.


How Millennials Made A $250 Million Lip Balm Company

The lip market is one of the most crowded industries in America. There are so many lip balm brands on the market today newcomers won’t find success easily. Despite these challenges a new brand has managed to rise to the top with the backing of Millennials. Evolution of Smooth, the brand in question, is a shining example of rapid success and the power of defining a generation. Over the short lifespan of EOS the company has generated over $250 million dollars. For a newcomer in the lip balm business that figure is beyond even the wildest dreams.

The most beautiful thing about Evolution of Smooth ( is the essentially millennial nature of everything it does in terms of business. The ingredients in EOS lip balm are all natural and the production line is almost entirely automated to increase profit margins. EOS maintains a strong social media presence to market its products in direct and trendy manner. Instead of relying on television commercials or click ads to get the word out EOS tweets and snapchats to potential customers. This method has produced a brand so successful it is currently the 2nd most popular lipstick balm in the entire United States. Evolution of Smooth products are available online thru Lucky Vitamin and Racked beauty products website. Also see,

Evolution of Smooth isn’t satisfied with the hundreds of millions of dollars the company currently brings in. EOS wants to expand into other markets and other products. There is now an EOS shaving cream for the millennial who wants to shave in style. With expansions like these Evolution of Smooth may become the next personal care product tycoon.


Doe Deere Talks About Her Inner Passion and Her Success

Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur best known for her innovative cosmetic company called Lime Crime. Believing that beauty should be about what feels right to the individual, Ms. Deere created a line of brightly colored lip and eye products that are also cruelty-free. As a female entrepreneur Doe is often asked about the influences in her life. She gives a lot of credit to her husband, who is also the President of her cosmetic company. The two have been together since they started a rock band more than 16 years ago.

Building a Successful Business

Doe Deere did hold a number of other positions before she launched her own successful cosmetic company. In addition to working for an insurance company she also held various administrative positions, which taught her the importance of being true to her own personal vision. Ms. Deere attributes her success as a businesswoman to being in touch with her inner passion. The fact that she knows exactly what she wants her brand to represent gives her a better idea of what she needs to do to help her business grow. In retrospect, Ms. Deere wishes she would have launched her company earlier and instituted her customer service department quicker.

Since Doe Deere has always been passionate about color, it made sense to name her cosmetic company after her own personal favorite shade of green. The idea of creating a line of makeup using vibrant colors also comes from Doe’s own preference for how she wanted her makeup to look. Even though her company is already a success, Doe still tries out every new idea herself to see how it feels. The only way she can be certain it fits her company is to try it herself. This personal approach can also be seen in the way Ms. Deere presents her makeup online. Rather than using the traditional paper swatches to represent the colors, she uses color photographs of the shades as they appear on actual lips.

Inspiring Others

Doe Deere is often asked to speak to groups of people interested in starting their own successful companies. She stresses the importance of listening to the inner voice that drives a person’s passion. She also believes following her gut instinct has led her to many positive outcomes. A person’s intuition can act as a guide when the information they have does not seem to be enough. Doe Deere enjoys helping others find the path to their success and actively encourages people to contact her through her online resources.

Will Smart Lights From Gooee Lower Energy Costs?

Smart lights from Gooee will lower energy costs to be sure that they can get the costs for the building to go down. They will notice the costs lowering every time they are getting the bill, and they will be able to use the lights on a timer that will go on and off, and it will be programmed pretty easily because of the way that people are going to program them. They can change the program to be sure that they can get it to work with the season, and they need to be sure that they are changing as much as they need to.

The Gooee LED lights are great because they can dim and brighten without any problem. The program that is used by the people in the building can be changed on the control panel that was provided by the people at Gooee, and it has been used a lot of different times for people who want to streamline the lights in their buildings. They will take out the old lights, and they will put in something that is completely different.

The Gooee fixtures fit into modern buildings better, and they are easy to use because they are so basic. The premise of the Gooee smart lighting is that it saves money without causing too much trouble. It is a replacement for the lights that people already have, and it takes out a lot of the hum and glow of older lights that just suck up power.

Madison Street Capital Made The Finals

The M&A Awards were held in late August and Madison Street managed to make it as one of the finalists. The award is considered to be the finest award in the financial industry and reflects a companies ability in deal making. Madison Street Capital’s reputation as a leading financial company were finally recognized.

Madison Street were nominated for the awards of Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. They were also nominated as the International and Industrials Deal of the Year for companies worth under $100 million. They gained reputation in the financial world when they assisted in the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. with Dowco.

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. They are a global investment banking firm that leads in corporate financial advisory, especially when it comes to international dealings. They have offices in Chicago, Oregon, Ghana, and multiple locations in India. Learn more:

They offer corporate advisory that includes services like: mergers & acquisitions, capital restructuring, reorganization services, bankruptcy services, ESOP advisory, buy out advisory, corporate governance and private placements. Mergers and acquisitions are their primary specialty.

They also offer services in business valuation dealing with company valuation and tax compliance. They have a team of tax experts that will make sure their clients are within the legal boundary that they should be as well as assessing the best tax rates that are possible.

Valuation for financial Reports are offered to clients as well. When assets are purchased or businesses are combined, certain reports are need and they must be accurate. They utilize the Accounting Standard Codification 805 as their golden standard to produce proper financial reports. They have experience with hundreds of different clients of different backgrounds. They and include PPA services such as amortization estimates, fair value estimates and pro forma allocations.

Wealth Preservation is another specialty of theirs. They will be able to help with business exit planning to the amount your receive after taxes when you sell your business. They will give advice based upon your business, personal, financial, legal and tax situation at the moment. If you wish to hold on to your business, they will be able to come up with a new strategy to make it profitable once again.

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Repairing Online Reputations One Status At A Time

Darius Fisher founded Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, after working as a political correspondent on political campaigns, Darius decided he wanted to open his own business so that he could travel and have the freedom to be his own boss. Mr. Fisher started Status labs in 2011, and the business has grown into one of the premier online reputation management companies in the world.


What Status Labs does is simple, they offer digital crisis management, creating and implemented plans to negate or spin any negative comments or bad press found on media outlets related to their clients. Fishers’ company also searches the headlines on Google as this is the most used outlet for online media. Status Labs have clients in 35 countries and the client list includes: Fortune 500 companies, politicians, athletes, CEOs, and major public figures.


Darius Fisher offers some secrets to his success which include quitting his job and diving headlong into being a full time entrepreneur, and stating when someone does start their small business, figure out the fastest way to start earning money, and lastly, to focus on the running of the business and selling the product instead of getting mixed up into other issues not related to the running of the business. Mr. Fisher has proven that by sticking to his own small business rules, Status Labs has become a media powerhouse.


Forbes mentions that Fisher is a graduate with honors of Vanderbilt University, and his former job as a political consultant has certainly helped prepare him for a bright future with Status labs.